Christ & Gantenbein architects

En Sully . Residential quarter . La Tour-de-Peilz

photos: Christ & Gantenbein architects

A new residential quarter will be realized between Montreux and Vevey:
nine to eleven different houses with altogether about 210 apartments and a new village quarter centre. The property is one of the last that is not built-up on the Riviera of Lake Geneva.

We Architecture

Noten . bok og blues hus . Notodden

photos: We Architecture

Notodden Townhall has decided to join several cultural functions
such as a cafe, a museum, and a library under one roof; this allows the possibility of creating a building where people of different ages and interests can meet and interact.
As a tribute to the history of the site, the roof of the building is laid out as an amphitheatre which spirals around the old shipping dock, and the Dock itself houses a
floating stage. Much like in a greek theatre, the surrounding landscape becomes the scenography.


Shenzhen stock exchange

photos: OMA . skyscrapercity
For millennia, the solid building stands on a solid base; it is an image that has survived modernity. Typically, the base anchors a structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not gravity. In the case of Shenzhen's almost virtual stock market, the role of symbolism exceeds that of the program – it is a building that has to represent the stock market, more than physically accommodate it. It is not a trading arena with offices, but an office with virtual organs that suggest and illustrate the process of the market.


Pole Daince, P.S.1 Competition

photos: iwan baan . poledance . architects newspaper

How liberating to be an architect these days.
Never before have dominant systems been so frail. If you can avoid hubris and over-reach, there are compelling, if daunting, spaces waiting to be explored. Freed from the fascination of the finite, and confronted with new ecologies, economies, energies, flows, and fantasies, we can begin to comprehend, and depict, a new image of life on earth, that of a seemingly elastic cloud. Everything has become untethered. We bounce about, footloose, on a network of intersections and knots.

MVRDV . ADEPT Architects

House of Culture and Movement . Frederiksberg

photos: ADEPT

The building is a new urban typology
with its mix of community centre, exhibition and performance, playground, park and health centre. The House of Culture and Movement is aimed to engage the population of Frederiksberg in a healthy and active life style. The 4,000 m2 building is set in 4,500m2 public gardens and is the first in a series of 3 buildings. The first phase is to be completed in 2015 and has a total budget of 130 million Dkr.

Rueda Pizarro Arquitectos

Escuela infantil Pablo Neruda. Alcorcón

fotos: Miguel de Guzmán gracias a Rueda Pizarro

Lewis Carroll describía con precisión
en “Alicia en el País de las maravillas” la dualidad existente entre el mundo de los adultos y el de los niños: imaginación-realidad, juego-trabajo, diversión-responsabilidad, etc… Una escuela de educación infantil se puede transformar en el mundo de Alicia donde todo son sensaciones, experiencias, color, juegos de escalas percibidos a través de los ojos de un niño; y  este mundo puede convivir con el del adulto, complementado y potenciado por la dualidad de escalas.

alfredopaya . noname29

Plaza Séneca . ALICANTE

photos: noname29

Probablemente este lugar en algún momento de la historia fuera un pinar,
quizás en un tiempo pasado fuera un pedregal o incluso un glaciar. Fue lugar de encuentros y despedidas. También los Murales de Gastón Castelló representando la ciudad de Alicante, su provincia y sus actividades pertenecen de una forma colectiva al imaginario del lugar. La Representación superpuesta de todas “huellas”; ancestrales o recientes, son señales que nos hablan de una manera u otra de la historia del lugar, de su devenir,… la geología, el paisaje, las tramas de la ciudad, las trayectorias, hasta la lógica de las redes de distribución de la energía y la luz están invitados a esta fiesta desplegada sobre este plano Activo, auténtica plataforma para el desarrollo de actividades. Como construcción del paisaje urbano el proyecto se plantea como un “claro” en el bosque, se persigue que asuma un doble papel; por un lado un lugar tranquilo, aislado mediante un colchón vegetal del tráfico y el ruido de la ciudad y por otro como un lugar activo y lleno de vida. 

ETB Architetti

_HACIENDA DE LAS FLORES . Nueva Hospedería de turismo . Villafranca de los Barros

fotos: gracias a ETB

La nueva hospedería de Turismo en Villafranca de los Barros se plantea como un sistema dinámico
capaz de generar ciudad mas que un edificio, un pequeño mundo protegido y acojedor, un barrio blanco inundado de miles de flores coloreados capaz de crear multipicidad de relacciones con el paisaje y fuertemente enraizado en él.

Charmaine Lay . Carles Muro

Mercado Municipal . Inca

photos: José Hevia gracias a Lay . Muro

La demolición del antiguo edificio del Mercado Municipal ofrece la oportunidad de redescubrir un nuevo espacio público
en el centro de la ciudad, a pocos metros de la calle Mayor y el Ayuntamiento.

AFF architekten

Schutzhütte . Fichtelberg

photos: Hans-Christian Schink



photos: DEVE

The Bamboo Houseboats is not like any enviromental buildings
you have seen.

Besides the fact that they offer beautiful housing and sea-villas with maximum comfort and quality of life, we build our active houses with entirely new technologies. We hope to revolutionize the construction industry worldwide, but also the daily lives of our residents.

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Villa Nyberg . Borlänge

photos: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Kjellgren Kaminsky has produced Swedens first series
of passive houses sold as type houses in collaboration with Emrahus, our goal is to make this environmentally friendly building technique available for all. Villa Nyberg is the first one to get built. The villa has been customized for the Nyberg family and is situated in Borlänge, central Sweden.

María Mallo . León11

Hotel Naturista . Gran Canarias

fotos: gracias a María Mallo

Busmann . Haberer

Institut für Klimafolgenforschung . Potsdam

photos: Busmann . Haberer

Arhitektura Krušec

New Market . Celje

photos: Miran Kambič . archdaily

The town market is situated in the heart of the city.
Ever since it was formed, in the middle of the previous century, the market has represented the centre of urban activity in the city. In contrast to the old market, the new development is designed as an extrovert urban area, a kind of covered city square which is inextricably linked to the surrounding urban space. The new market building is designed like a giant steel roof, which covers both closed as well as open stalls intended for costermongers.


Military Base . Svanvik & Storskog

Alvaro Siza

Casa do Pego . Sintra

photos: FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura


Birdcage for exotic birds in a public garden . Bois de la Bâtie

Amanda Levete Architects

V&A's Boilerhouse Yard . London 

photos: Amanda Levete Architects

AL_A present a concept design for a hypothetical redevelopment of the V&A's Boilerhouse Yard
along with seven other internationally renowned architects in the exhibition 'Architectural Studies for the V&A'. The designs respond to the V&A’s brief to create a temporary exhibition space below ground as well as a courtyard at street level off Exhibition Road.

Bigoni . Mortemard Architectes

7 Houses .  Villejuif

photos: Bigoni . Mortemard Architectes . archdaily


SUBARQUITECTURA . Casa Mediterráneo . Alicante

Rafi Segal

‘Open House’ . Villa 003 . ORDOS 100 . Inner Mongolia

photos: archdaily

Context: Mass media and architectural tourism are as much of the project’s context as the urbanization of the Ordos plains of Inner Mongolia.

Concept: The building responds to the intersection of these economies by articulating a variable relation between private and public or “privacy and publicity”. The building alternates between a state of radical interiority providing an introvert retreat that gives away no image; and a state of total exhibitionism that publicly exposes its interiors.

Mateo Arquitectura

Remodelling of the main branch of Banco Sabadell . Barcelona

photos: Adrià Goula

On various occasions, we were asked to intervene
in the most public areas of a lovely building dating from the 1950s (the work of the architect Francesc Mitjans).

Acha Zaballa arquitectos

Hospedería del Duque . Badajoz

fotos: gracias a Acha Zaballa arquitectos

La nueva Hospedería respeta el valor arquitectónico del conjunto histórico
sobre el que se interviene y  salvaguarda la relación del edificio con la iglesia, y la del conjunto con la nueva plaza y la trama urbana hacia el paisaje.
El proyecto conserva los vestigios  del edificio conventual con su disposición tipológica original y superpone un nuevo claustro. 


The restoration of Jean Prouve's Ferembal House

video and text : Wallpaper In 1991, the Parisian design gallerist Patrick Seguin – the man who really put the heat in the market for Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand – went to see a discarded Prouvé treasure. The Ferembal House had been built as the offices for a can factory in Nancy in 1948. The factory was demolished 30 years later and the Prouvé pre fab nearly ended up in the dumpster. Luckily, a local who understood what could be lost, packed it away until Seguin came to investigate and took it off his hands. It took him another 10 years to stockpile the funds to renovate the house and another nine – working with Prouvé experts in Nancy, the designer-engineer-architect’s town, and Seguin’s long-term pal, the architect Jean Nouvel – to actually complete the renovation. The remarkable story of the rescue and Nouvel’s work on the project as well as exclusive first pictures of the Ferembal House appear in our July issue. Seguin estimates that the building – all one storey and 180 square metres of it – is now worth €8m. But as our story and this video shows, the restored Ferembal House is important not because of its price tag but because it is more evidence of the genius in Prouvé’s radical utilitarian design.

Jamie Fobert Architects

V&A's Boilerhouse Yard . London

photos: architectsjournal

Ofis Arhitekti . Farewell Chapel

watch video at:

JAJA Architects

Cornerstone . Vanløse

photos: JAJA Architects

The Cornerstone is a combined office and shopping complex.
It is located on the edge to the center of Vanløse, Copenhagen, in a fragmented area that consists of small houses, housing blocks, future shopping mall and highrises. Instead of imitating or blending itself into its surrounding, it detaches itself into a building object that creates public space in front, below and behind it. Doing so, it becomes a public landmark that invites people into the developing center of Vanløse. The project is expected to be completed in 2011-12.

Cláudio Vilarinho Architects

Wallpaper house . Reguengos de Monsaraz

photos: Cláudio Vilarinho

We chose 5 rocks on the ground and from them, through circles
with the center of the rock itself, we designed the house. Thus, each facade is oriented towards a rock, correlated very strong gesture in the spirit of the place.
Other factors of relationship and integration with the landscape, are the green cover and the materiality of the entire volume (wooden stakes and granite abroad, both from the place).
By opening interior panels, the user can configure the interior of the house in one continuous space.

Jean-Pascal Flavien



The Viewer is a project on which Flavien has been working on
for the last two years. There are different steps. The project was first developed in a series of drawings in which the Viewer was set in tropical or antediluvian landscapes and desert climates, and at times placed beside dinosaurs. Flavien forges a peculiar and nonspeculative Science Fiction in those drawings. He is less interested by projections of the future or technology than by anachronisms, chronological deviations that all allow him to activate a different temporality in his work. The incongruity of placing architectural works next to dinosaurs was precisely such an anachronism.


GBD Project

photos: BMA

Christian Kerez

Museum for Contemporary Art . Warsaw

photos: artmuseum


Centro de Educación de Personas Adultas y Aparcamiento . Torrelavega


El proyecto pretende dar respuesta a las necesidades sociales
que motivan su encargo con la voluntad de proporcionar las condiciones de utilización óptimas para sus usuarios y la imagen más adecuada para el municipio, cumpliendo el programa establecido y adecuando su construcción a las previsiones de costes  establecidos en las bases de la convocatoria.

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Inside / Outside Tree . Architects build small spaces . V&A summer exhibition

photos: Victoria & Albert museum

This structure creates a space where notions
of ‘inside and outside’
and ‘nature and artificiality’ are inverted and convergent; it explores the crucial duality and ‘in-between-ness’ that defines traditional Japanese architecture. The interior surface of the hollow, transparent tree is continuous with the exterior of the cube form that surrounds it. Thus, one can stand outside the cube and inhabit the same space as the tree’s interior, and vice versa.

Sou Fujimoto: This is Tokyo nature and Tokyo architecture. Tokyo nature, Tokyo architecture and Tokyo sky.
My practice is based in Tokyo and the staff is sixteen and ten more interns, so around thirty people are working in my office. I like to have a good collaboration with staff so the office is a good workshop to create new architecture. In the process of studying architecture, I discovered Japanese tradition is really important for me. Not just following Japanese culture but to find and discover something new.

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Silent Gardens . Architects build small spaces . V&A summer exhibition

photos: Victoria & Albert museum

Luis M. Mansilla . Emilio Tuñón

Innovation and tradition in contemporary architecture

full text at: Mansilla . Tuñón

Let us imagine a set of border conditions (meaning ideas and feelings)
on a project. The first observation we must make is that a project has not only a specific physical location, a material landscape: it has also other landscapes, other contexts as important as this. It has a natural territory, but also another that is social, political, cultural or historic. One could also speak, in short, of an intellectual landscape. In some manner, the project magnetizes and mobilizes part of this world toward itself; it demands its presence. In the beginning, however, it appears as an invertebrate set of questions. Let us attempt to tour the MUSAC through these landscapes.

Hidalgo Hartmann arquitectura

Camino con piscina . Jafre

fotos: Robert Prat Piera . Jordi Hidalgo . gracias a HIDALGO HARTMANN ARQUITECTURA

La intervención se sitúa en la plana de l´Empordà,
con su vasta extensión de campos agrícolas salpicados por agrupaciones de vegetación que definen el territorio.
Una piscina para nadar, un almacén para guardar utensilios de jardín y la creación de un acceso para ámbos eran las necesidades del proyecto a desarrollar.
La solución de estos tres elementos está integrada en un espacio concebido mediante una sola pieza que se inserta en el paisaje, lo modifica y lo redefine.

Moho arquitectos

Edificio administrativo en San Pablo . Sevilla

photos: gracias a Moho arquitectos

La generación de un proyecto con la capacidad de convertirse en un icono
que cristaliza la voluntad de  las empresas que lo ocupan, una voluntad de  innovación y  tecnología, de  investigación y del futuro emprendedor de la ciudad.

Concentrar la edificación en altura y liberar el máximo espacio en la parcela para poder  ofrecer al barrio una gran plaza pública  que contribuya a paliar la escasez de este tipo de espacios en el distrito.



photos: OMA . flickr Milstein Hall Steel . webcam

Occupying four distinct buildings at the northern periphery
of Cornell's Arts Quad, the College for Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) is currently a fragmented area, dislocated from the energy of university life. The new Milstein Hall – a 14,000m2 complex containing much-needed studio, exhibition and crit space, an auditorium and a new Fine Arts Library – is conceived not as a symbolic, isolated addition to the campus but as a connecting structure: a large elevated horizontal plate that links the second levels of Sibley and Rand Halls and cantilevers over University Avenue, reaching towards the Foundry building. Where a car park once stood between Sibley and Rand, a contiguous, multi-layer system of buildings and plazas will unite the disparate elements of the AAP, creating a vibrant public space adjacent to the campus’s most beautiful feature, just to the north – the Fall Creek Gorge.

Johnston Marklee

Grand Traiano Art Complex Museum . Grottaferrata

photos: Johnston Marklee . utopiad

Defined by a new alphabet of building blocks,
The Grand Traiano Art Complex creates a mask of disparate elements that unite into a coherent urban environment. Unlike such precedents as Tschumi’s Parc La Villette, where pavilions index an inscribed grid, the site will include the headquarters for DEPART Foundation, artists-in-residence studios, and exhibition pavilions within a matrix of mixed-use programs and parkscape, weaving together new and existing site and building features. As islands within an archipelago, the art spaces that constellate the Grand Traiano Art Complex both diversify the breadth of the DEPART Foundation’s collection and exhibitions and define a new kind of urban theater with stages for art, landscape and outdoor recreation.

Rui Grazina Arquitectura+Design

Private house . Cambeses . Barcelos

photos: courtesy of Rui Grazina . + archdaily

Text by Rui Grazina

Private house in Cambeses, Barcelos. The study
started January 2006, with planning approval in September 2008. On-site work started in November 2008 and is currently underway. Project built by Engiaço, Construções Técnicas Lda. The plot has an area of 3380 sqm, part of which located in a green protection area.

MANIFOLD ArchitectureStudio

WHAT IF NY? . New York
photos: MANIFOLD

Encore heureux . G Studio

Villa expériementale - Projet Ordos 100

photos: Encore Heureux . ordosproject

We wanted our proposal get involved
in a sustainable future in China where today one of two buildings in the world are made. Ordos 100 was for us an opportunity to give our point of view on such a serious subject.

Pedro Maurício Borges

Capela . Netos

more photos: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Puerta . López . Ortiz

Parque para la Cultura y la Vida . Medellín

photos: Daniel Velez Franco, Plataforma Arquitectura

Studio Banana TV

entrevista  estudio Entresitio

vídeo: Studio Banana TV 

Maxwan . Lola Landscape Architects


photos: Maxwan

Currently, the space is a parking lot with open ends
toward city center shopping district and the Leine River, while the long sides are bound by a residential district and a red light district. Given its central location and its surroundings rough bite, the site is a perfect habitat for young creative people.

The clear first step was to treat the space as an extension of the city's pedestrian network, linking it to the Leine River. The next step was to place a building on each of the ends of the space. This move gave greater definition to both the city center and the river edge, and created a well proportioned public space.

Marc Drewes

Heathrow Contest


Dance4 . Nottingham

photos: GROUP A

We have made a design proposal t
hat is both multifunctional, flexible and dynamic, and seeks to establish a strong relationship with its surroundings. To improve synergy as much as possible, the central social hub where people meet should be the beating heart of the dance centre. The centre will be part of a greater vision for upgrading the neighbourhood Sneinton. It is one of the pioneering elements in this neighbourhood, and should be considered a catalyst.

Tetsuo Kondo

House with Gardens . Yokohama

photos: Ken’ichi Suzuki . dezeen

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Cloud Chamber . Victoria & Albert Museum

photos: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

T&V participate in the Architecture 2010 exhibition
at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition named 1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces consist of a series of concepts exploring specific architectural and social typologies.
15 June – 30 August 2010.

Resembling an abstract wooden cloud or fallen star, this structure houses projectors and screens programmed with time-lapse imagery of cloud formations. Contrasting with the solid, emphatic exterior, every surface of the interior is covered with these film projections, thus offering an experience of weightlessness and intangibility. After the exhibition the structure should be hollowed out and become a children’s storytelling shelter.

Amanda Levete architects

388 Hills Place . London

photos: courtesy of  Amanda Levete architects .  Edmund Sumner . Gidon Fuehrer 

Wiel Arets Architect & Associates

Dance and Music Center . The Hague

photos: denhaag

Miralles . Tagliabue - EMBT

One Alfred Street Competition . Sydney

photos: EMBT

On the ground plane the horizontal patterns in the street reflect the vertical form.
They are the modern garden for the building’s inhabitants and the offering to the city; a new pontoon extends the shoreline out once more, but this time for the enjoyment of people and no other practical or industrial purpose.
The most significant environmental element of the tower is the skin.