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Lichtstrasse 9 . Basel

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One of the qualities of the residential and industrial area of St. Johann in Basel is the close coexistence of old and new buildings. This coexistance is kept and emphasized in the proj­ect. For this reason, only one of the four existing houses on the corner parcel will be replaced by a new one: Lichtstrasse 9; while Lichtstrasse 11 and Kraftstrasse 1 will be renovated and profit from the new built infra­structure.
A new staircase and elevator in the courtyard will create direct access to the old houses, allowing the old staircases to be demolished and add­ing the gained area to the respective apartments. These measures raise the desirability of the old houses and the ability to keep and lease the ex­isting houses in the future. On the interior, the new building will be con­nected to one of the existing ones, and with that, the apartments can be spacious and


Building Lichtstrasse 9
Lichtstrasse 9-11 and Kraftstrasse 1-3, Basel Switzerland, 2007-2011
HERLACH HARTMANN FROMMENWILER with Walter Gloor, Yujin Hirase, Daichi Takano

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