Bréchignac . Apperce

Jardin Ouvert . 120 HOURS Competition

design team: Paul Bréchignac . Émilie Apperce . participant: Nicolas Uebersax | Academia di Architettura - Mendrisio . + 120 HOURS

As human beings we live, modify and trans­form our surroundings. We aim to establish a dialogue with the public. The man belongs to a wider cycle.

Three strategic points. Three interventions that find their expression in the dialogue be­tween scaffolding and existing trees. Three promenades in the everchanging landscape of the festival, of Oslo, Toyenpark and the stages.

The interventions are built as simple scaf­folding, from standardised metallic modules, thus reusable after the festival. Repetition as a vision for sustainable architecture.
The spatial substance of the installation emerges from the fragile relationship be­tween the structure and the tree.
The interventions act as vertical stages, where the user becomes both performer and audi­ence. One is invited to a discover a new ex­perience of the tree. One walks on the leaves and finds their way between the branches. One climbs up the tree and looks across the festival. People meet there with their friends and appreciate the performance from a new perspective.

Architecture as a language, caring messages
The volume of the installation, besides the fact of being scaffolding, it can be read as a building, a tower, a monument. Moreover, we chose for the construction, metallic elements that don’t have straight angles. Those ele­ments form “doors”; without being conscious about it,
they are reminiscent of arbors in public gar­dens which hold vegetation in an arch. This lexicon of the “garden” refers to elements that everyone knows, recognises. These elements that are part of our collective consciousness, speak to people: it’s also the role of architec­ture to convey messages. Simple messages, which make us think, about our own exis­tence.

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