Guillermo Fernández-Abascal

Cervantes Institute . Shanghai

Author: Guillermo Fernández-Abascal . tutors: Blanca LLeo and Peng Nu

Cervantes Institute is located in Anfu Road in the French concession in the city of Shanghai. It is an area of a long cultural tradition with theatres, art galleries... characterized by the beautiful lined street which defined block where bourgeois villas from the early 20th century coexist with lilongs (workers houses) and modern asian condominiums.

The project uses the current plot of the small premises which the current Cervantes Institute owns. The proposal starts as an optimistic reaction to its physical and cultural environment and a thorough analysis of the program. The complex is organized in three clear volumes, almost autonomous which solve the different functional areas. All of them are connected through a generous circulation space, almost a glazed street where the chinense citizens will feel the Spanish culture. The three volumes respond to three modern typologies: the linear block, the tower and the auditorium. The administrative area and the classrooms; the exhibition areas and the library; the main theatre, a multipurpose room and the cafe are hosted in each typology .The volumes are arranged apparently in a random position where the built areas are as important as the interstitial spaces, creating new public spaces which the city will enjoy.

Date: 2010
Total area: 8,000m2 ; Tipology: cultural; Location: Shanghai

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