Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Edifici Mercè Rodoreda - UPF . Barcelona

Juan Navarro Baldeweg . fotos: © UPF . + UPF

El espacio consta de tres edificios de investigación ubicados en el solar ocupado originalmente por viviendas militares situadas a lo largo de la calle Wellington: Mercè Rodoreda 23 y 24 y la Fundación Pasqual Maragall para el Estudio del Alzheimer (la entrada en funcionamiento de este último está prevista para el mes de enero de 2016).

Luciano Fabro

Entrevista con João Fernandes

Museo Reina Sofía


ANTOINE . Les Ruinettes

BUREAU A . photos: © Dylan Perrenoud

The mountains have the power to call for feelings of fascination and fear at the same time. Switzerland has a strong tradition of observing the Alps, living with them, hiding inside them. The awe and the anxiety that this monumental landscape appeals is reflected in the writings of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, one of the most important Swiss writers. His novels, Derborence, describes the massive rock fall that covered the pastures of the valley of Lizerne in 1714. Antoine, the main character, survives seven weeks under the rocks before he manages to reach his village, and life.

Andy Coolquitt

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+ Lisa Cooley

As a self–proclaimed “artist of exhibitions,” Coolquitt typically works to manipulate the physical and psychological dynamics of his environments (what he often refers to as the “density” or “openness” of the space) by altering the relationships that his objects have with each other, with the viewer, and with the surrounding architecture...

TallerDE2 Arquitectos

POP-UP House . Madrid

TallerDE2 Arquitectos . photos: © Imagen Subliminal

'POP-UP House' is a full refurbished flat for a recently emancipated thirty something person, located in a mid-20th century residential building in Madrid.
'POP-UP House' is an experiment which deals with two crossed interests: on one hand, it explores the sociological reality linked to the increased number of one-person homes in metropolis -known as "single phenomenon" (1); on the other hand, it tests the infiltration of a thin and gathering domestic infrastructure (2).