Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Office building for the Deutsche Bundestag . Berlin

Estudio Barozzi Veiga

The proposal aims to complete the existing building, both its interior and its exterior, while also maintaining its character and identity. The design not only refurbishes, restores and adds new elements, it also finishes off the building, enabling its completion. The floor plans speak of the search for clarity throughout the scheme; the original internal logic of the building is recovered, organized around the two central patios. This is why the plan is completed with a new volume that manifests itself through the new façades towards Mittelstraße and Dorotheentrasse. These elevations express their belonging to the historic building’s extensions while they also acquire their own formal identity.

Fake Industries Architectural Agonism

The Future of the Interior

Columbia GSAPP

Darío Cobo Calvo

Condensador de paisajes en el antiguo parque móvil . Madrid


Se desarrolla un proyecto que, intencionadamente, tiene un marco muy concreto: Madrid en el año 2014, en un momento post-burbuja inmobiliaria en el que los poderes públicos y privados vuelven a fijar su atención en el centro de Madrid, después de haber agotado las oportunidades que la periferia ofrecía antes del boom inmobiliario.

Eva Samuel

Rue du Charolais building . Paris

Eva Samuel architecte et associés . photos: © Clément Guillaume

The building unfurls and is folded into the railroad landscape and composite urban fabric.


Wooden Housing Building . Saint-Denis

© Cyrille Lallement

JTB.architecture . photos: © Luc Boegly . + archdaily

This 10 social rented housing is part of the National Plan Redevelopment of Former District Gradients (PNRQAD).