6 Aires Mateus

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House . Alcobaça

Aires Mateus . photos: © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

The house designed in the historical center of Alcobaça is a record of overlapping times: A small building reconstructed to perpetuate the vernacular common scale, and a wall thoroughly shaped to house the quiet extension.

7 Ryue Nishizawa

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Fukita Pavilion . Kagawa

Ryue Nishizawa . Photos © jacomejp


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Danish Maritime Museum . Helsingør

© rasmus hjortsh

BIG . photos: © luca santiago mora . © rasmus hjortsh

The Danish Maritime Museum had to find its place in a unique historic and spatial context; between one of Denmark’s most important and famous buildings and a new, ambitious cultural centre.


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Galeries Lafayette Foundation building . Paris

OMA . Galeries Lafayette

A late 19th century industrial building will be refurbished for Fondation d'Entreprise Galeries Lafayette to house exhibition and production spaces, with a focus on creation, innovation and research. OMA proposes to insert an exhibition tower into the courtyard of the building in which two sets of mobile platforms will offer a large repertoire of spatial configurations; the programmatic flexibility provided will increase the potential of the existing building. A production centre at the heart of the site underpins the Fondation, while the ground floor becomes a passage connecting rue du Plâtre to rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie and hosts the public programs.

10 Acm . Amann-Cánovas-Maruri Arquitectos

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118 apartments . coslada

Acm . Amann-Cánovas-Maruri . photos: © David Frutos

Located in a recently redeveloped area in the industrial town of Coslada, close to Madrid, the project is born of the arrangement between different uses and different height levels: underground parking, offices and commercial uses from the public ground floor to the public raised space on the third floor platform, and from this level residential spaces: it is a hybrid building in the periphery.