Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten

School . Vouvry

Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten . photos: © Radek Brunecky . + archello

The Wallisian Alps rise in silhouette above the new Vouvry district schoolhouse, which lies on a flat plain between historic Vouvry village and the Rhone river. Larger-than-life commercial structures have long defined the character of settlements along the Rhone valley, and this new construction – which accommodates both classrooms and a sports arena under one roof – fits the mold perfectly. The uniform structure is coated in a fine layer of copper and brass that mirrors the surrounding greenery in softened and muted tones.

Richard Hamilton

Museo Reina Sofía

+ Museo Reina Sofía

Caruso St John Architects

Newport Street Gallery . London

Caruso St John Architects

This private gallery in Vauxhall involves the conversion of an extraordinary terrace of listed buildings that are former theatre carpentry and scenery production workshops.

Mandy Payne

Liminal Zone

Mandy Payne . + Tarpey Gallery

My work is largely inspired by landscape, particularly the urban, edgeland areas of Sheffield and the rural backdrop of the Peak District which are close to where I live.

Smiljan Radic

VIK Winery . Millahue

Smiljan Radic + Loreto Lyon . photos: © cristobal palma / estudio palma . + archdaily . VIK Winery

The architecture for the VIK winery takes into account the scale of production of ultra premium wines in an innovative and bold way.