Peter Zumthor

Kolumba Museum . Cologne

photos: © luis rodríguez photography

Izaskun Chinchilla

Rehabilitación de una casa solariega . Camerma

Izaskun Chinchilla . fotos: © Carlos Lozano . © Borja Lorenzo . © Maria Carmona

Historically, ancestral homes are the properties that has fostered the coexistence and represented the families that owned them. Regardless of their location, their grandeur, their time and their site all of them have borne the signs –names, heraldry or aesthetic tastes- of their tenants. The house was a reflection of the family character and, in certain way, it took a representative role. This house in Carmena, a small town 40 kilometers away from Toledo, is not an exception.

Miguel Marcelino

house of fairy tales . odense

Miguel Marcelino . house of fairy tales

This proposal is not about an individual building plus a garden. Both building and garden are a single thing. One defines the other. In fact, the garden is made of twelve different gardens.

RICA Studio

Polideportivo y espacio cultural . Dalseong

RICA Studio (Iñaqui Carnicero + Lorena del Río)

Mención de honor en concurso internacional.

Borsos . Bachman

Summer house . Kővágószőlős

Ágnes Borsos architects . Zoltán Bachman DLA . photos: © Ákos Mátételki . + architectforum

Kovágószolos has been identified as the part of the most ancient opened up settlement in the Pécs region so far. A 4000 years old soil-built Celtic castle proves that it has been a popular settlement among inhabitants since ancient times. Since the 1950s, as a matter of being in the neighbourhood of the socialist large-scale industry such as uranium mining, local residents –the miners- were only allowed -by the authorizations- to build small sized, hut- like buildings.