FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol

LE Building . Office and Services Building . Madrid

photos: FRPO

How can we face the Project of a new building
office in a place that already forms a urban unity, a unity made up of trees? The existing volume is a slight mass, thus the project must work with this topic, this previous materiality. The result must be, at any point, the addition of trees and work space.

From the decision of respecting the biggest amount of existing
trees, our proposal built up clear spaces, well dimensioned and
flexible. The new elements forming the proposed place are just
floors and tree-like supports. These light façade elements, thin
and vertical, are called to restore the previous existing tree
filter, devolving a urban scale element that may seem, in a large
scale, made up of the same trees.

Site Scale
In a suburban sprawled environment, the existing trees filling
the site constitutes a volumetric and visual reference in the whole
urban space. This group of trees belongs to a casual system of
isolated tree volumes along the surrounding city.

Programmatic Materialisation
Overlaying the programm required in three regular floors and
organizing it in a flexible work space, allows a high degree
of transparence between façades.

The new building looks for a mínimum impact footprint, respecting
the existing trees as much as posible and planting a new tree
layer around it.

Optimisation and Orientation
The working program is set up in a very simple way, regular
corridors and office space, from limit to limit, allow a huge
flexibility and redistribution of the whole building if necessary.

Relationships and Limits
The outter floor limits curve to soft the relationship with the
surrounding trees.

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