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The plan for the extension of Alcorcón in the North side of the A-5 is in fact a complete new city.

Structured around a system of linear green public spaces – Alamedas Dotacionales – and massive parks – Central Park and the future Sport City of Atletico de Madrid – its urban structure is independent from the existing Alcorcón. The Industrial-Commercial corridor surrounding the A-5 intensifies the autonomy of the operation. Our goal is therefore to articulate the connections between the two cities, as a superposition of the existing industrial areas and the new system of green public spaces of the Distrito Norte.

Yet, it would be naive not to mention the Spanish economic meltdown in the context of the proposed brief. As we all know, the inability of families to pay their mortgages has resulted in a landscape of foreclosures. Closely connected, the banks refusal to grant new credits translates in unaffordability of new property, which generates a panorama of empty housing blocks. And we cannot forget that the housing bubble that started it all was pumped up by operations identical to Alcorcón Distrito Norte. The difference, however, is painfully obvious. Previous operations developed during the economic bonanza succeed even is some remain incomplete. But how a plan that doubles the size of the municipality exhausting its land is going to be developed in the current economy? Not only there has been a decrease on the overall building rate, but also, the governmental tendency seems to shift towards policies that emphasize rehabilitation and preservation over new construction.

In this context, it is more than justifiable to consider the Alcorcón Distrito Norte Alcorcon might – or should – not take place. At least it would be proper to admit the possibility for it not to being developed immediately. In sight of this evidence, this proposal admits both scenarios and it is structured in two complementary stages that preserve the existing conditions, form connections with the city and propose news forms of domesticity. Hence, the ultimate agenda for this proposal could be summarized in (1) the protection of the descampado, (2) teh implementation
of two new types of affordable domesticity and (3) reinventing the site as an urban roundabout.

Project: Roundabout Prophylactics
Status: Competition, Runner Up
Clients: Europan
Location: Alcorcon
Program: Master-plan

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8 de abril de 2012, 9:14 Anónimo dijo...

Un mélange peu subtile du projet de logements collectifs de Sanaa à Zurich (2004) et de Lacaton & Vassal (Mulhouse)

26 de abril de 2012, 15:08 Anónimo dijo...

très très peu subtile.

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