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Masséna dwellings . Paris

Hamonic + Masson

This project is emblematic of the new Left Bank, which has spread along the Seine from its cradle to the edge of the 13th arrondissement.

It is symbolic move. The Left Bank has always been the public face of Paris, but it is now expressing that in height terms. The first and only 50-metre projects in Paris for many years are both being built in the same part of the city. Height is staking a claim as a possible planning tool in a “new” urban environment - and at the same time marking out new city limits.
The Masséna project has two high-rise blocks - one (14 storeys) of privately owned flats and one for social housing (17 storeys) – set on a common base with shops in it. The design at city level is a vital to the credibility and success of a project like this.
Unlike Villiot-Rapée, the buildings are right next to the road. They play their part in structuring the neighbourhood, closing off the corner and punctuating the city. We have continued in the same considerations of how the flats relate to the outdoors and to the open sky as at Villiot-Rappée by providing the flats with long terraces, staggering them and designing them with large windows and corner living rooms that make them feel like individual homes. As there are no buildings opposite, they have wonderful views stretching out to the horizon. This is living in the city without all the limitations of street level.

Masséna, Paris 13

• Program: 95 dwellings+ retail (lot M6A2) et 93 social housing units + retail (lot M6A3)
• Location : 46-56 avenue Anatole France / 6-8 rue Nicole Reine Lepaute – 75013 Paris — France
• Client: Bouygues immobilier
• Architectes’ Team: Hamonic + Masson (Gaëlle Hamonic, Jean-Christophe Masson,
Marie-agnès de Bailliencourt) architectes mandataires + Comte&Vollenweider architectes associés
•Ingenieur : SIBAT
• SHON : lot M6A2 – 6 000 m2 de logements + 400 m2 de commerces
lot M6A3 – 7 000 m2 de logements + 350 m2 de commerces
•Competion: 2011
• Phase: PC
• Cost : 22 million € HT
• Delivery : April 2014

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