Jean-Pascal Flavien

No Drama House . Berlin

photos: catherine bastide . bellostes

The house emerges by way of the layout of a series of successive
problems. The problems interfere with the possibility of living comfortably, of things running smooth. To experience this house, to live in it for a period of time, is also to confront its problems, to let them influence one’s habits, to let them breed new uses and functions for its elements, like setting up the ladder against the wall in order to enter through its front door, or exiting through the window, or running extension cords in order to provide power to the second floor, or finding ways to arrange an office in its narrow space, or designing specific equipment for the house, ... in this way it dissociates things, and associates things.

The no drama house is a house with contradictions.


The problems of the berlin no drama house.
The entrance door on the second floor, no staircase a ladder or a rope can be used to access the second floor.
The two floor don’t communicate, the house is split in two the house is very narrow, about a meter wide all power outlets are clump together somewhere on the ground floor.

The house slipped on its base, approaching the ceiling to the floor.
The is a sink, but it is to shallow.
No partition inside, they are missing, the kitchen next to the books, sleeping near the shower

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