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When two entities meet, there can occur
a place or a non-place ; sympathy or antipathy ; an affirmation or a denial ; sensibility or brutality. Finally, an edge or a limit. But, what is the difference between an edge and a limit? The limit is in the space, the edge is in an interstice of the space. The limit is absolute, the edge is relative. A limit is a denial, an edge is the affirmation. The limit is physical, the edge is psychological. Two entities which meet, inevitably refer to one of these concepts, no matter the level of consciousness of this interaction.

By relating to both that which is inside and outside, an enclosing wall inevitably is an edge or a limit. A massive, compact, opaque element, is a limit that separates two worlds; it physically separates the entities that are on both sides of its space, in absolute denial of their mutual existences. A succession of elements that subdues the vision like filters that reduce the vision to zero once the eye has crossed them all, is an edge that joins two worlds ; it psychologically brings closer entities (people) by taking them to this interstice of space, and thus affirming their respective existences.

With full conscience of the differences between these two concepts we propose a enclosing wall which is in itself an edge and not a limit ; that is to say, a not definied space, but an uncertain space which is impossible to apprehend, a space where all dreams may take place.

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