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Gavlhus . Amager

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Historically HolmbladsgadH is a distinct working-class
and industrial area with a unique character. The area has been characterized by a cityscape clearly defined by dense residential streets. Meanwhile factory buíldíngs and warehouses have ínterrupted the Street line, through their varying heights, facades and positioning, which often have been set back. The visual contact with the factory courtyards have a depth and a character which provide a uníque identity for the area. In the meetíng between industrial and residential buíldíngs the gable-motive appears as an obvious characteristic ín thís part of Copenhagen.

Our íntention has been to create a project that plays with these historícal references. We have designed a building which, despite a tight outer opens up so passers-by can get an insíght into the courtyard, a building that plays on the roof as an important motive to help strengthen the identity of the neighborhood.

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