Xaveer De Geyter Architects b.v.b.a.

Havenhuis . Belgium

photos: xdga

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26 de agosto de 2013, 15:05 Anónimo dijo...

Completely ridiculous to rape such a nice old building. There should be a law against even daring to introduce such plain criminal, insane and ridiculously expensive projects. Such sensationalistic architects with an ego big as the planet Jupiter should simply be locked away, stripped from their degrees, banned to Siberia where they can amuse them chopping trees or slam with hammers on some rocks. Please please please, protect society of such madmen.... This really sucks, only that closely knitted cohorte, that Mutual Admiration Society of modern architects, certain photographers and crooked politicians can be fan of such crazy scemes. Unless it's someone belonging to that arty farty incrowd that also is ruining London skyline, Antwerp, Paris, even Prague... I guess some people really have had troubled childhood !
Benoit Vanhees Antwerp Belgium

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