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V35K18 private house . Nieuw Leyden

source: pasel.künzel architects . photos: Marcel van der Burg . primabeeld

One of eleven private houses of pasel.künzel architects on a former industrial site located in the historical city centre of Leiden.
‘Black Diamond’ is unless his relatively small volume a magnificent cornerstone of a new city block.
The various functions of the house are stacked in a classic manner: from working on the ground floor to living on the Bel-Etage to sleeping on the upper floor. By means of a triple floor height void, comprising a sensational cascade stairway, all functions are connected in a vertical way.
This ‘gap’ is rather an urban void than part of the inner circulation space of the residence. Changing floors means meandering through the city.

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12 de agosto de 2011, 9:47 Daniel González López dijo...

Interesante proyecto, donde la materialidad oscura exterior contrasta con el luminoso interior.
Un saludo¡

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