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German Freedom and Unity Memorial . Berlin

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The installation brings together two simple images: a bridge and a circle. The first - the bridge - is a symbol of conquest and the coming together of two previously separate parts. The second - the circle - is a symbol of perfection and unity. The superposition of the two characters - the circle as a bridge - creates a new special object with additional layers of meaning. The ring bridge is the image of joyful connection: high-spirited, strong and optimistic. It is a positive symbol, but it is not a triumphant gesture. The figure is not just a metaphor for the positive experience of overcoming oppression and division, but also for social and individual experience of the division itself, which has since become a defining part of German identity. A circle as a bridge are in fact two bridges: One united path is splitting into two, separating more and more until they finally meet again: This is a picture of the sequence of events of division, isolation, and reunification.

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