Yuki Ito

2000 metres of linear dormitories along the boundary


One of the main features of Japanese architecture is the boundary between one space and another, such as engawa, doma and deep eaves for example, connecting interior space to exterior space. Because the boundary between buildings is only a small space, the city resembles a collage. A hedge on the boundary of the site separates private and public space.

I propose the construction of 300 dormitory rooms and 200 gardens along the boundary, amounting to a distance of 2000 metres at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. I have found narrow spaces on the closed boundary, and aim to create a new boundary linking interior and exterior habitable spaces. The linear architecture is ambient architecture, surrounding the Institute like a landscape, infrastructure, or public or private space.

Kyoto Institute of Technology
Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Design
Tutor(s): Erwin Viray, Yoneda Akira

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