Sauerbruch Hutton

Forum der Hager Group. Obernai

Sauerbruch Hutton . photos: © Jan Bitter . + baunetz

The design for the new Hager Company Forum was conceived as a Forum in the best sense of the word - a communicative location where ideas, information, talents and skills come together.

The 7000 square metre building consists of a large roof that spans day-lit spaces for exhibition and conferences, offices, training and storage facilities as well as a generous public lobby including a cafe. The roof extends beyond the building to form a generous covered square, offering an attractive public space for employees and visitors alike. The building’s ground plan takes the form of a letter ‘H’ with the potential for different configurations of offices and meeting rooms in the two bars of the ‘H’, while the large East and West Atrium spaces are designed to flexibly accommodate both small and large groups of visitors or specific events.
The covered square of Hagerplatz becomes the natural epicentre for the whole Hager site. Lying directly adjacent to the main gates, Hagerplatz links the entrance to the company’s grounds, the much-frequented canteen and a busy pedestrian underpass. It is the place where people’s paths meet, a lively and representative space where visitors can be received, as well as a protected venue for exhibitions and events.
The unpretentious appearance of the building reflects the sobriety of the surrounding industrial site. A closer look, however, reveals Hager Forum’s sophistication in program, performance, material, detail and appearance, gently advertising the philosophy of the company.

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