photos: ONOFFICE

When Wallpaper asked us to design a house, our immediate impulse was to design an idealistic, conceptual house,
on an unrealistic site.
Our process quickly reminded us that we needed a real site and a real client with real demands to instruct the design. So we hit the streets to find an overlap between the Wallpaper assignment and a potential project. We finally found a plot, just around Ihe comer from our office, with a client interested in a similar project.

We digested the client's programmatic requests and posed the question: If each room has different demands for space, shouldn't each room claim the space it needs, like a Mondrian grid?
Shuffle house packs in the variety of spaces within a typical building envelope, while a longitudinal slice of the building designates circulation and services. The façade reinterprets the traditional façades of Porto by playing with scale and rhythm.

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