Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

Vostè Mateix . 2013

+ ProjecteSD . photo: © Roberto Ruiz

As it is common in the work of Valcárcel Medina, his proposal for ProjecteSD breaks the idea of a conventional exhibition project.
The artist uses and puts in the hands of the visitors the gallery space, so that it is them, the audience, who once they accept the exercise that Valcárcel Medina suggests, build the exhibition. On the opening day, the exhibition starts with its space totally empty, with no artworks. A simple working table with a stack of papers and a few writing tools on it and a ladder in the background are the only elements that the public will find in the show. Each visitor is confronted with a proposal, a quite simple one: to handwrite his/her name and lastname/s on some prepared sheets of paper of a determined dimension in a pre-established letter type and size.

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