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Cultural Complex . Grand Theater . Hangzhou

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Contemporary social buildings are incredibly important for the majority of new cities in china to create a wise, healthy society.

Hangzhous cultural significance within china is very important nationally with its historic culture and natural attractions such as the west lake. Xiasha lies to the east of hangzhous central business district and any new development here will need to contain iconic and symbolic architecture in order to attract visitors both locally and regionally. The main roads lie to the north of the site, the public transport system connects directly through the sites axis, the main views are to the lake and to the river and the main vistas of the buildings are from the park and from the main road.

The Xiasha lake shall have 2 urban centres and a municipal government centre, the site of the cultural projects lies at the centre of these areas and has a connection to the tree boulevard and promenade landscape. The site lies on two sides of an access road which disconnects the two sides of the site, we propose to ramp the ground on each side creating a tunnel under the road this will connect the tree boulevard, the new library and the municipal centre to the lakefront promenade.

Andrew Griffin, Julien De Smedt
Francisco Villeda, Charlotte Lieske
Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Marvin Philipp,Edna Lueddecke

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