Cor . Rosana Pérez

Private flat . Rincón de la Zofra

source: courtesy of Cor . photos: David Frutos

This is a housing project for a young couple about 50 meters from the sea in the Rincón de la Zofra, with a full view of the beach of San Juan de Alicante.
This beach of San Juan-Muchavista has become an urban and cosmopolitan part of the metropolitan area of Alicante, where a large number of population has moved to live. This has been, among other reasons, due to the implementation of the urban tramway network (TRAM).
A daily route,  through an intense sequence of work, leisure and rest from the bustle of the picturesque Old Town, to the dream of the beach and public urban space.

The previous distribution of the house corresponds to a second home model in a typical building of small dwellings for seasonal use by the sea, built in 1987.
The houses are barely 50 m² + 8 m² terrace. The boom of this type of construction clogged the Alicante coastline in the 90s and early this century.
The entire program of the refurbishment takes place on perimetrical fringe of variable thickness, leaving a reprogrammable interior space. RGB lighting, intelligent hygrothermal conditioning systems, programmable acoustic mattresses, surround or focal sound system, etc ... are going to make this small loft a place rich in experiences, constantly changing.

The experiential atmosphere control is the big problem with this space. The use of the house is going to be torrential and accelerated, almost as a base camp where shelter from the contemporary dynamics, in which their owners, that are in constant socio-cultural exchange with the world, can prepare themselves to live and complete their worlds.
The terrace as a typological finding. Given the weather conditions in the area, we understand that the intelligent use of the property passes to deepen the concept of terrace. Thanks to the moveable windows and the floor heating-cooling conditioning, the entire house transforms in an area open to the sea.
The "islands" and "display cases". The islands: the zoning is given by the inclusion of the program and the adequacy of the general facilities of the building, allowing to build a "fluid" space where the trajectories almost respond to the intuitive use of the dwelling. The display cases: objects shape our experience-based memory. Clothes, books, food ... take on special importance as they create the landscape of the home.

A continuous space for a family of two people. The resulting house takes the continuous space to the extreme by a complete formal simplicity and a qualified material execution, which promotes freedom of meetings, within a small, but nevertheless, reduced interior landscape.

Team  -  Rosana Pérez (Co-author)
Client - Private
Location: Campello, Spain
Principal Use :  home
Floor Area:  58 square meters
Budget  -  86.905 €
Photography: David Frutos ( )

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Awesome work.
Congrats COR & Rosana.

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