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As an alternative to the obsolete urban models, we should think about a new urban system for the city, based on a sustainable land use model, with a specific density to collective housing, able to change its density to optimize the efficiency and inte­grated into its surroundings.

Is an opportunity to put forward a new model of urban development that responds to the new con­ditions of habitability, to the need to slow the urban sprawl, limiting the extensive land use trend. New urban spaces which can be used at any time, either for a community or a private purpose, the use of the reusable space against the throwaway space, and an adaptable and constructive growth against the user adaptation to the space. All of this through sustainable criteria, considering sustainability as: the use of resources at any particular time, in accordance with the needs of the en­vironment and the current needs of a society that progresses extremely fast, the optimization of the building skins, the possibility to get an open space for a democratic debate, in which users can be part of the process of urban growth, sustai­nability as a concept tha't combines human beings, construc­tion, technology, natural environment and city.

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