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New urban landscape - Intermodal station

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A river carries all of its history along with it, it nourishes its needs and causes new activities to flourish, it transports sediments, it changes them from one place to another, it takes them away and joins the river banks as one as it flows by.

Reactivation of the public space
Its force drags with it part of the existing parts, it slips into tiny gaps and, as a result, little plants are reborn in the most unexpected places.
The river in question springs from Atocha, makes its way down General Lacy Street, meets the Station that causes it to turn round and flow into El Parque de Tierno Galván (Tierno Galvan Park) creating a new landscape as it passes.
As it carries travellers, neighbours, bikes, children, birds, it makes its way into the blocks of houses, filters through into the ground floor, widening the street as it passes by, opens up spaces that become squares, expands when it reaches a flatter space and, less swiftly, gives shape to a soft topography on its banks, along which one may walk as far as the new railway lines.

The long, winding geometry of the station accompanies visitors on their journey towards their destination. The walls and the pavements help to direct the citizen in a natural way creating spaces or ponds where one may take the sun or enjoy the aromatic gardens.
The space occupied by a station is shaped by its flows as a large group of people moving in unison creates a spatial barrier.
The visitors carried along by movement slip in and between the nooks and crannies which accommodate them while they rest in a place where architecture and nature intertwine to the point where the concept of station dilutes together with that of park.

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