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Kattendijkdok Towers 3 & 4 . Antwerp

David Chipperfield Architects

Antwerp has been one of the most important trade cities in Europe since the Middle Ages. Kattendijkdok was built in the mid 19th century between the northern historic city centre and the harbour and marked the starting point for the extension of Antwerp harbour into one of the largest industrial ports in Europe.

The quay areas of Kattendijkdok are characterised by derelict areas and a mix of large warehouses and small-scale residential buildings. A masterplan was developed to bring new life to the area. The plan links the harbour area to the historic city centre through residential and cultural buildings, as well as public riverbank esplanades. Within this context six residential towers are planned along the western quay of Kattendijkdok.

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