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House Gropius . Dessau

Jamie Fobert Architects

The object of the competition was to bring new Ideas for the missing Master houses in Dessau by architect Walter Gropius.

The competition encompassed: Consideration of the Moholy-Nagy House and the Gropius House (both now destroyed) Urban design and landscape architecture of the Masters' Houses complex, including the site of the perimeter wall and the former refreshment kiosk by Mies van der Rohe, development of traffic infrastructure in the immediate vicinity including the "Seven Pillars" junction. The Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.
Intervention proposed:
- Remove the 1956 house, leaving garage, basement and terrace.
- Reinstate the volume of original house in a translucent envelope.
- Build within this a new contemporary solid volume, for exhibitions, concerts and talks.
- Consider projecting the 1926 photographs onto the translucent volume.

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