Michel Parmentier

Peinture n°5 . 1965

+ Galerie Jean Fournier

For his works in the 1960s Parmentier drew his inspiration from what was happening in his everyday life. Until 1965 he sporadically used wrapping paper and newspapers as inserts and collages in his paintings. He was interested in these materials for their patterns and colours. Sometimes, too, he tore off pieces of his canvases, then overlaid the missing areas differently.
Black and white dominate in these works. Geometrical shapes initially painted black or grey are given a coat of white in a re-covering process that allowed for play with transparency and coloured modulations of strata of glued paper.
Galerie Jean Fournier

Peinture n°2 . 1965

Sans titre . 1963

Sans titre, circa . 1962

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