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In 2008 Rintala Eggertsson Architects were commissioned by the municipality of Seljord to design a platform where the inhabitants of Seljord and visitors to the area could enjoy the attractive surroundings and see the scenery where the legendary serpent of lake Seljord has exposed itself throughout the centuries.  A part of the project proposal was an outline of an architectural programme for other lookout platforms around the lake, where the qualities of the landscape could be emphasized according to the specific characteristics of each site.

The main platform was placed in the north-western end of the lake, close to Seljord town and the main road through the area.  As a future tourist attraction in the area, the client wanted to ensure good visibility especially towards the main road.
The platform was therefore elevated as far as 12,5 meters above ground level, with three resting spaces and a view towards important features in the landscape.

The project raises interesting questions about our perception and our notion of reality.  Western civilization has taught us to base our understanding of nature on systematic analysis and scientific explanations.  Up until the 20th century, this has been steering our behaviour towards hegemony over all other species on the planet.  Slowly we are waking up to a reality where our existence is dependent, not only on our supremacy, but a deeper understanding of non-linear processes in our environment.

Building period - tower: spring 2010.
Building period - other lookout platforms: autumn 2009.

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