La Ville Rayée

Group Form . Metz

source: courtesy of La Ville Rayée

This summer restaurant facing Shigeru Ban's Centre Pompidou is envisioned as a weak and diffuse micro-urbanism caught in the crowds mouvements. It aims at offering a continuous experience from the objects scale to the space and city scales. The traditional restaurant is deconstructed through a homothetic relationship between groups, tables and spaces. This apparatus wants to reveal the contradictions of the meal ceremony, both public and private, intimate and sociable.

La Ville Rayée is an architecture group based in Paris created in 2006 by David Apheceix, Benjamin Lafore and Sébastien Martinez Barat.
Group Form

Année: 2010
Client: Centre Pompidou-Metz
Budget: 40 000 euros
Design culinaire: Julie Rothhahn

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