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Located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, this 28 m2 flat is to be used for letting. The owner, Mr Desplaines, is fully aware of the limited size of the flat but wishes to make the most of its strengths. WY-TO’s proposal focuses on leveraging the view and natural light that enters from the north. The objective is to create a different space for each usage whilst at the same time maintaining visual continuity.

To do so, storage space and bathrooms are re-organised behind a full-height technical fat wall stretching from one end of the flat to the other, from the entrance to the most intimate part. This additional technical thickness is covered with full-height vertical aluminium structure according to a cutting-edge graphic layout. The aluminium work integrates seamlessly with the architecture of the flat, adding a vertical rhythm. The alternation of panels with and without holes provides a second level of reading. The handles are naturally integrated into the design, as are the lamps, which cast their light from behind the perforations. By day as well as by night, the light bounces off this large aluminium surface, dancing and amplifying itself. A large white curtain covers the opposite wall; the smooth fabric dialogues with the hard aluminium skin.
Before the renovation, the entrance hall was hindered by the presence of the bathroom and toilets, which prevented natural light from entering into the flat. The kitchen and dining room now occupy this space, and it bathes in light. Furthermore, the aluminium structure now contains the bathroom and toilets, as if in monochromatic yellow/green capsules. The flat now links up four different spaces: the entrance, the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom, each connected to one area of the aluminium structure.
From the entrance you can enjoy a clear view of the whole of the flat. A central bookcase punctuates the space. From the bookcase, two doors can be used to split the dining room, allowing privacy. As such, depending on the time of the day and the mood of the occupants, several configurations are possible: continuity and sequence.

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