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Greenland Migrating

KITAA Architects . + Henning Larsen Architects . David Garcia Studio

The project proposes an alternative masterplan for the Greenlandic town of Ilulissat. Capitalising on density and the migrating community, whether it is for a day, a season or a lifetime,

The strategy aims to promote the 'meeting' between people as a resource for growth and economic sustainability. Four interventions are suggested - where architecture can be the catalyst for the 'meeting' and a more cohesive Ilulissat. It is the present and future Greenlanders, where ever they may come from, who will eventually form the Illulisat of tomorrow.

The four suggested interventions are a multi-purpose Culture Centre, a market and temporary housing along the harbour, a sports plaza allowing for activities to take place all year round and a new meeting hub in the Ilulissat Ice Fjord - comprising a new UNESCO office, a tourist information centre and spaces for the new Faculty of Glacial Studies.

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