Jean Nouvel

RBC Design Centre . Montpellier

Jean Nouvel . photos: © Erick Saillet . © MC Lucat . + domus . dezeen

A design lifestyle. This is the theme of the new showroom RBC, distributor of contemporary furniture, whose headquarters are based in Gallargues le Montueux (Gard).

Located In Montpelller, In the completely restructured district of the Zac Mariane, this project is in the form of a parallelepiped of 2000m2 and 18m high. The building, designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, will have nine suspended levels, organized around a showroom.
Each level will be devoted to an activity: kitchens, outdoor furniture, lighting, bookstore specializing in architecture and design, a shop devoted to the object, a restaurant
awarded to a young starred chef... On site, lighting detailed studies will be provided by a "light-designer" from drawings supplied by customers. "Such multi-concept stores gathering several activities on the same site exist In the Nordic countries."
The building was delivered in late June 2012.

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