T. Barros . F. Taboada

The New York City Vision competition

The New York City Vision

The Past can exist without a Future but certainly there is no Future without a Past.

The Future will always be a consequence of habitants choices, attitudes, politics, rules and city planning. The Past has set the ground rules that allowed and forced New York City to be what it is today: A vertical structure that represent the pillars for the next city to come. Ring City is a new construction concept juxtaposed onto the existing vertical structure, literally using the existing tall constructions as structures to support its ring-shaped buildings. This new concept allows the city to expand horizontally while continuing its typical vertical growth. This new concept consists of an innovative horizontal construction methodology, a series of rings with different radius built at different levels. At times, the rings overlap with each other and end up creating a new network system. These rings are supported by the surrounded buildings and use its cores to provide a vertical link to the street level.
Each ring is made of a self-supporting structure with a void interior. It’s interior space is to be programmed at will and even changed from time to time according to the needs of its inhabitants.

Magnetic strips are attached to the rings structure at both interior and exterior walls. These magnetic strips are the tracks for the transportation pods called “Feeders”. The Feeders provide access to its occupants through the entire length and space of each ring. These moving objects allow their users to arrive to their destiny promptly.
Ring City becomes a mini-city with a park and passageway at the roof level, creating new outstanding views over the city. The roofs also have the function to capture, clean and reuse the rain water. The gas emissions of the city would also be significantly reduced with the help of the green roof areas.
The new future to be built on the existing past.

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