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The Hualien Wellness & Residential development seeks to find the perfect balance between nature, health and the built environment. Sloping green roofs provide shade, remove heat, harvest rainwater and produce clean, breathable air, while the proximity to lush vegetation in the apartments creates a stress-relieving environment for residents.

earlier scheme:

Hualien, situated on the eastern coast of Taiwan, has seen an outflux of young people seeking better job opportunities, but population ageing is prompting a growing demand for a “second home” where retired seniors can enjoy an active lifestyle. The Hualien development places a particular focus on exercise and healthy living, with programs catering to an ageing demographic. The buildings are shaped to encourage the growth of a community that is health-conscious and productive. In addition to designated speed walking paths, a public path wraps around the entire complex and is studded with interesting activities to pique interest and encourage more walking and exercise, such as an observation point, performance stage, shops and restaurants. An underground jogging path can be used during inclement weather and serves as an excellent shortcut to all buildings via an interior route. A medical facility located within the complex ensures that residents have ready access to healthcare services.
Community and neighborly interaction are encouraged in the very shape of the building. The public path becomes a social condenser; a path where people can leisurely shop, have informal gatherings, go jogging, or take walks after dinner. Purposefully, the units are fitted only with basic functions, reinforcing visits to the array of amenity spaces provided and assist in building a community with one’s neighbors. Media rooms, lounges, pools, and meditation spaces provide low-stress situations for meeting people. The open kitchen, common gardens and library also become places where people can share and learn from each other.

Credit List:
Partners: Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange
Project Director: André Schmidt
Project Manager: Per Bo Madsen
Project Design Architect: Cat Huang
Project Architect: Min Ter Lim
Project team: Anu Leinonen, Eric Li, Andrew Lo, Camila Luise de Andrade Stadler, Hsiao Rou Huang, Junjie Yan, Song He, Christin Svensson, Eivor Davidsen
Design Assistants: Chris Beaudin, Eduardo Camarena, Ambra Chiesa, Gwendoline Eveillard, Agnieszka Kwiecien, Andreas Mullertz, Johanna Nenander, Alberto Herzog Ruiz de Alegri, Richard John Seymour, Ying zhang, Dominik Mrozinski, Horia Spirescu, Lola Conte, Laura Wätte, Mathias Bank, Kasper Reimer Hansen, Jinho Lee.

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