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Siansa National Concert Hall . Dublin

source: Henning Larsen Architects

Siansa National Concert Hall was a finalist in the invited PPP competition in Dublin, Ireland. A national concert hall should offer more than simply an iconic building or a concert hall with excellent acoustic qualities. It should fill a role in society and have the affection of its citizens.

A truly Irish national concert hall is one that brings the atmosphere and heritage of the site with it into the future. When you enter the doors of the Siansa National Concert Hall for the first time, two important elements are retained: the intimacy and spirit of history.

The advantage of the site is its heritage. The project has a strong focus on preserving the local heritage while also adding modern elements, thus merging the best of both worlds.

The continuous transitions and flow between the various spaces represent the atmospheres of the different historical times as well as contemporary society. This also marks the smooth transition from the existing audience to a new, broader audience in the future.

The design concept locates the Symphonic Hall at the heart of the site, allowing it to become a pivotal element, conducting the entire National Concert Hall arrangement.

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