OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Kunsthalle . Berlin

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

'A set of cylindrical halls with different heights, make a sequence of rooms with various spatial and light conditions. Spreading the circular module over the site creates two distinctly different, complementary spaces - one inside, the other outside. Doors, when opened, form passageways between silo’s, but also passages to the complementary exterior ‘park’ space. The route, traditionally defined by the architect, becomes part of the curator’s concept and the visitor’s experience. Auxiliary spaces, such as offices, sanitary facilities and storage rooms, are organized behind straight walls which, like ‘chords’, make subdivisions of the cylinders. The cylinders are covered with translucent membrane, which provide daylight while keeping out the heat. During the night, lamp post light the cylinders from outside.

With its specific materiality and shape, Kunsthallen indirectly refers to the once industrious water landscape that surrounds it. The specific constraints of the site, the water’s edge and the level difference between road and site, are put into use to organize the entrance and borders of the complex.

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