Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

New Guggenheim Museum . Helsinki

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

The new Guggenheim stands out like a beacon complementing the city skyline offering the citizens an aesthetic experience through its bold minimalistic architecture and its optimal conditions for the impressive art collection. The new museum presents an open modern architecture, which engages in a close relationship with the context and has a remarkable Nordic touch.

The building’s white sculptural blocks are clad in white ceramic tiles, which reflect the light and allow the appearance of the building to shimmer and change during day or night. The windows are full room height glazed parts integrated in the facade with windowsills lined in timber. The interior is white with warm organic timber elements. The open ground floor makes the visitors become an active part of the vibrant harbour front. Outside an art plaza towards the city makes an entrance plateau and a new green recreational art park links to the park.

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