Jun Igarashi

Density . Hokkaido

Jun Igarashi . photos: © sergio pirrone . + archello

In this narrow site our strategy was to ensure the maximum VOLUME, by creating inside spaces that somehow have hardly connection with the surroundings. This is a narrow site but our dare was the plan of the building.

Each room stretches between 3 and 4 tatami mats. the space is connected as an "edge" between room and room . External space enters in the space of every room, creating a sense of overall connection. In addition, each room is very small , but we have a total of 32 rooms and a small "veranda". With such a long number of rooms you almost have a sense of wandering a castle. The variety of encounters between rooms produced different levels of relationships with the outside and at the same time a sense of distance.

The building is conformed as a three-story wooden structure with the outer wall clapped in galvanized ripple plates of high durability.
It is a super-insulated house as a response to Hokkaido cold climate. Efficiency of heating is increased by controlling the volume of air.

The client seems to enjoy this house comfortably even considering how narrow the site is. And privacy is ensured. Design concept was somehow to privilege the spiritual rather than the physical needs of its inhabitants as well as the relationship with each other and the different levels of connections with the surroundings. It aims for a new life in a narrow site.
After visiting, I have enjoyed the sourrounding space. Although small it is occupied with selected merril plants that creates a sense of filter between the family and external live.

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