Drewes . Schneideroelsen

Apartment refurbishment . Berlin

Marc Benjamin Drewes & schneideroelsen . photos: © Enric Duch

Small and cautious interventions try not to destroy the special atmosphere and to retrieve hidden qualities in the refurbishment of a typical Berlin apartment from around 1900.

In three rooms several layers of old color were taken off the extensive moulding on the ceiling. Behind the thick layers of color parts of the original ceiling frescos appeared. Since the ceilings were not painted again, the rooms are being characterized by a lively and diverse feeling full of history. In the rooms without moulding the patterns of cement tiles create a colorful atmosphere. The rest of the rooms is kept pure and without expandable details. Between kitchen and bedroom an old Moroccan door marks the transition between the richly decorated original parts and the new pure and modern parts of the apartment. This almost surreal element bought by the client establishes a strong personal touch. That way a unique atmosphere is being created that combines traditional and modern elements.

Project Name: Berliner Altbau
Project team: marc benjamin drewes ARCHITEKTUREN & schneideroelsen

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