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house of fairy tales . odense

BCNCPH studio . house of fairy tales

Our proposal for the House of Fairytales is deliberately un­derstated and focuses on making a green, public space for Odense and its citizens. A space that enriches the area with diverse green and urban elements.

The area around the museum with Bangs Boder and Hans Jensens Stræde possess obvious architectonic qualities with its scale, history and textures. And together with this, the new museum must enter into a dialogue with the future master plan of the whole Thomas B. Thriges Gade area.
The new museum is located entirely underground and we intentionally do not insist on some independent, eye-catching architecture statement. It consists of a series of volumes forming a hinged structure oriented around three courtyards from which natural daylight enter the building. The narrative framework of the museum is non-linear and this makes more room for individual customization of the exhibition experience. The main entrance is from the pub­lic square and furthermore the museum has a direct access to the underground parking as well as the existing memo­rial and birthplace.

design team: Lars Raunholt Sørensen . Anna Mañosa Tarruella

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