Pavilion for the Culture Fair . Mexico City

PRODUCTORA . photos: © Luis Gallardo . + archdaily

The Pavilion that represents Mexico City on the Culture Fair 2014, addresses the migrations that have influenced the development of Mexico City.

The architectonical expression of these migration flows is represented through a large boardwalk that brings visitors up to a balcony overlooking the main square (Zocalo) and that comes down again to stage a symbolical arrival to the center of the city.
This game of straight and curved ramps, balconies and walkways, wraps around an equilateral triangle that houses a small exhibition curated by Alberto Odériz. As a reference to the ships that brought the first migrants to Mexico, the whole pavilion is made out of wood.
The column-less interior space is covered by a large roof composed out of smaller triangular segments which lead the vertical forces down to the structural facades. The whole pavilion was pre-fabricated of site to be mounted in just 8 days on the main square.

Architect In Charge: Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles
Collaborators: Diego Escamilla, Lucrecia Sodo, Gerardo Aguilar
Contractor: Factor Eficiencia
Structural Engineering: KALTIA
Museography: Alberto Odériz

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