Andrea Salvatore

house of fairy tales . odense

Andrea Salvatore . house of fairy tales

The museum and park are thought to be a whole: a single enchanted kingdom , a world in which to get lost, a world to ex­plore, open to the city , and simultaneously integrated in a different place, magic. A elsewhere.

A typology able to develop a powerful and dreamlike fairytale , a symbolic place for the city, an amazing attraction.
The architecture, therefore, becomes ethereal , impalpable. No more a building, but point of view . It try to disappear, to camouflage themselves. Disconnected from the obligation to close spaces , the role will be to show, to organize, to reveal from time to time always new perspectives in nature, new scenarios, new landscapes.
Nature becomes the main subject of this powerful vision fairytale .
The architecture has the task of showing it and to do so needs to be thin and light. To be a storyline through which to enjoy the spectacle of the gardens.

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