Peixoto . Castro

house of fairy tales . odense

Luís Jorge Peixoto Almeida Soares . Ema Castro Alves . house of fairy tales

The proposal sets on an invitation for a journey, a stroll into the magical world of Hans Christian Andersen. Along this stroll, the physical and aleghorical realms fuse into one another so that building and garden tune all together to evoque the enchanted scenario.

Trees and other natural elements are spread all through the available area. The enhancement of the garden, which is to be perceived as a forest, thickens the atmosphere of fantasy. By taking ground on the predicted boulevard the green plays the part of a portal creating a filtered entrance to its core - a pleasent appeal to bring people over.
Several volumes inspired on the shape of the surrounding old block are put among the trees. Their dimensions take into account the neighbourhood profile giving way to a subtle intervention. At the same time, a half immersed dynamic corridor guides the visitor from the entry all along the House of Fairytales museum. The ancient nucleus is thus included in the freeform redefinition of the inherited contents.
At the end, small hints placed here and there nurture the dialogue between inside and outside space leaving playful moments of visual interaction.

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