Reiulf Ramstad Architect

Tana Church . Finnmark

Reiulf Ramstad Architect

Tana Church has an important function both as a cultural institution and to facilitate the Christian community in day-to-day and festive occasions. The facility will become central to the upbringing environment of children and youth. At the same time the church acts as a platform for communal cultural and musical events. It is to become a local meeting place for interaction and faith all seven days of the week. The project will appear inviting, tolerant and inclusive for all visitors.

The church is to be an inspiring and worthy facility for congregation in respect of faith, people and the environment. The project is inspired by the intimate relation to nature found within sami designs and the riverside culture of Tana. The church reflects the tradition of human settlements at its site and the powerful contextual landscape in a simple, unifying form.

Illustrations by MAST Visualisations and RRA.
Status: Competition (2014)
Location: Finnmark, Norway

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