WE architecture . Freja Ejendomme

Hospital transformation . Haderslev

WE architecture . Freja Ejendomme

How do you re-use 60.000 m2's of hospital. WE architecture was asked to develop visions for the re-use of Haderslev Hospital. Located in Sonderjylland, the countryside of Denmark, the task also included a strategical analysis of the region in order to identify the potential markets for a re-use of the hospital.

WE propose a multi-functional, hybrid building targeting the educational sector, the corporate sector, the tourists of the region as well as the town of Haderslev.
By establishing a set of main, multipurpose spaces, the hospital is reprogrammed to host major events, conferences, family vacations, a new retail area, a brewery and many other things - all in the beautiful settings of Haderslev, with spectacular views of the surrounding lake and forests.

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