bureau vers plus de bien-être / V+

Marché aux Poissons . Bruxelles

source: courtesy of bureau vers plus de bien-être . photos: Aidas Krutejavas

The town house is located in a densely built residential area in Brussels’ busy town centre.

The plot is in the shape of a horse’s head, comprising the existing town house, an industrial building in the courtyard and another 18th century industrial building which currently serves as an auction house. The original programme included the renovation of the town house on the road side and the construction of an art gallery in the courtyard. Later on the client agreed to make a second family house on the existing industrial building and thus complete the existing party wall with a perforated facade. lt on the existing industrial building completethe row of party walls.

The main facof the new building offers attractive views from the streeton to the Marche aux Poissons.

Still under construction (interior work is underway).

Project: Construction of single family house
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Architecture: V+ (Bihain, Decuypere)
Executing architects: Aidas Krutejavas
Engineer: Mc Carré / Gaetan Cordi
Budget: 260.000 €
Area: 200 m²
Conception: 2008
Construction: 2010

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