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11 de Septiembre 3260 building. Buenos Aires

Adamo-Faiden . + dezeen

The building is situated in Núñez, a neighborhood whose development brings a balanced densification to the city of Buenos Aires.

Its peripheral condition and efficient connectivity with the rest of the city turns it today into a desirable alternative for residential and tertiary programmes.
The building incorporates to its own organization this notion of mixed city through the construction of six spaces, which are programmatically undetermined but spatially specific, understanding that a path to the intensification of the inhabitating opens from this apparent contradiction.
The expansion of the internal free height to 3.15m. allows the existence of spaces with higher depth without losing the optimal comfort conditions that guarantee its habitability.
Achieving adepth and compact building that minimizes the energy exchange between the interior and the environment.
The enclosure is materialized with a vegetable mattress that protects the three facades exposed to the sun, while incorporating a space for leisure where nature finds its desired protagonism.
The microperforated awnings placed in both facades return towards the city a veiled picture of the vegetation they enclose, echoing the ambiguity the building is intended to set up.

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