The Centre. The Path. The Field of Action . EUROPAN 12 . Kristinehamn

Runner-up . FOR

Our story is not the result of a complete set of actions with a delimited range of time and space, but rather suggests a boundary, leaving room for the present to be continuously created in and out of time.

Using the landscape as a unified background we propose a demarcation that attributes a beginning and an end to the place. The project’s orientation and morphology refers to the existing landscapes, space, structures and networks. Aware of what is already there, we densify existing textures and accentuate through soft interventions the limits and character of the site. We propose a dispositif of activation, with minimal built structures, and a series of operative voids, places for action – where we left space for natural growth and development.
We begin by sewing down the two river banks with a soft loop. The LOOP/RING/CIRCLE always holds a promise within. It becomes a form of understanding context – it is a dynamic structure that explains the centre and evolution of Kristinehamn.
To be in the loop is a complex process which includes both the path/journey and the regions/events that it crosses. By connecting different strategic points in the city it assures a continuous flow of people and events. But being on this path does not necessarily entail having a final destination – a closed loop is an infinite tribute to time!

Project leader: Alex Cozma
Team: Oana Simionescu, Roxana Patrulescu, Zsolt Gondos, Andra Juganaru, Bianca Ruxanda
Date: 06.2013
Project typology: URBAN/HOUSING
Size: ~sqm
Location: KRISTINEHAMN, Sweden
Status: Runner-up PRIZE

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