Martins . Amaro . Pommrenke . Serra . Roque

Pergola - An Urban Structure . Lisboa

Designers: David Martins, Inês Amaro, Maria Pommrenke, Mariana Serra Brandão, Nuno Roque . ISCTE Instituto Universitário de Lisboa . Tutors: Paulo Tormenta Pinto, José Luís Possolo de Saldanha

The Amoreiras Towers have assumed themselves in the 80’s as a strong landmark in the city profile and constituted a new civic life. Facing this, are the old barracks of Artilharia Um, which are restricted to the public by a wall, virtually functionless and lacking an urban redevelopment able to offer new activities to the site. Our proposal intends to link these two realities: the mass of the block of the Amoreiras Towers and the void of the Artilharia Um quarter.

We started by working the empty quarter where we extend a huge flap that follows the curve of the adjacent street, an infrastructure that at first glance can be understood as a simple higher walkway, but is able to solve two major urban problems of the area: the offer of green public spaces and a possible solution to the mobility problem in Lisbon.
A flap that always has the same height rises from the ground where the terrain allows it, and becomes an extension of the existing sidewalk, opening an alternative route, as well as areas with different configurations: in one place it gives access to a existing car park where you can rent a bike for a day or share a car; in another moment, qualifies a space for those waiting for a tram or a bus; the terrain goes down and opens an amphitheater facing the metro entrance which is also public walkway to Amoreiras Shopping Center. Within the block minimal interventions where made, after clearing the terrain, paths of compact dirt were suggested by the spontaneous crossing of the terrain and the mass of trees also remained.
It is intended that this block be understood as a new centrality, a complementary extension to the program of the Amoreiras Tower, but this time characterizing an open and flexible space for each of us, whose occupation doesn't follow rules and where the shadow and light games, the natural topography and elevated walkway are sufficiently defining programs and functions.


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