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A house of fairytales is a place where you can read fairytales, a place where you can listen to fairytales, a place where you can play fairytales, a huge archive of fairytales and a place where one of the most inspiring fairytale writers ever, Hans Christian Andersen, stays alive.

The new house of fairytales is about intimacy. Therefore it is build up of various layers, where visitors, and passer-byes, children and adults can enjoy fairytales and the work of H.C. Andersen in many different ways. By going deeper in the site and the museum, the spaces becomes more intimate and you come closer to the person of H.C. Andersen.
The site is conceived as a defined but fragile open space. It is distinguished by a dense green fabric of trees, shaping a clear mental border between the city and the site without disconnecting both, making it accessible from every side. In the middle of the park, the museum takes shape as a paper cut-out in the landscape; you can look freely over it, as well as in it.
Either way you enter, it’s not just crossing the street, it’s about travelling, it’s about going into another world.

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