Ateliers Jean Nouvel

“La Marseillaise” Tower . Marseille

Ateliers Jean Nouvel . + Made In Marseille

In the vicinity of Marseille's Harbour, the new office tower of the Ateliers Jean Nouvel will soon rise in an urban zone composed of 3 other projects (C+T, Jean-Baptiste Pietri, Ateliers Lion). The tower will be sloted into two highway viaducts. This urban program will have an impact on the new skyline of the seafront within the Euroméditerranée project. The structure and the facades of the tower are made of a three-dimensional grid integrating sunshadings. Thier colors blend in the blue sky, white clouds, calcareous stones ans red roofs according ti the view. Up aove, the office blocks are rhythmed by interruptions welcoming pieces of landscape.

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