Hochschule Luzern Bau 745 Transformation . Emmenbrücke

EM2N . Viscosistadt

On the former industrial site of the Monosuisse Company in Emmenbrücke a new urban district, known as the Viscosistadt, is to be created in the near future. The first measure is the conversion of Building 745 to house the University of Design and Art. With its powerfully expressive character it is a witness to the Monosuisse industrial legacy and shapes the character of the site.

The wide-spanning structure made up of columns, down-beams and prefabricated ribbed concrete ceiling slabs produces generous, uninterrupted spaces. The main entrance to the university is from the east via Nylsuisseplatz. The façade of the high-bay warehouse on the west side will be opened up to create a connection to the park along the river. The open ground floor strengthens the university building’s connection to the park. It is a zone where the public and the university meet. It plays a central role in developing the site as a whole and introducing life into it.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Design and Art, Emmenbrücke, Switzerland
Dates study commission 2012, direct commission 2013, planning 2013, ongoing
Size 13,000 m2
Costs CHF 24 Mio.
Client Viscosistadt AG

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